Our Chairperson

"At Red Hill we value children as individuals, promote their confidence and their excitement in learning"

Our founder and chairperson, Mrs. Rekha Mohan, is actively involved in various philanthropic activities in education, the promotion of Lucknowi art through chikan kari, and charity work.

Born on 21st January 1946, she grew up in the heart of Calcutta and hails from a middle class family. Her schooling was mostly done at Saint Agnes School, Darjeeling. Upon completion of her education, aspiring to see the world, she joined British Airways in the early 60s.

Rekha Mohan shifted to Lucknow after marriage and immersed herself in the rich culture of the city, cultivating her keen interest in music. Indian classical singing become a passion and continues to date.

After gaining a law degree, Rekha Mohan continues to help women in the city from under-privileged back grounds. Rekha Mohan has also headed up a non-profit organisation called "Sangini" devoted to the promotion of education and health care services for the life altering disease, Thalassemia.

Always aspiring to do something constructive, through watching and observing her own children, she developed an interest in education and set out to build a foundation-laying school in Lucknow, Red Hill, for children between the ages of 1½ -10 years old.

Twenty-five years later, Red Hill School, with its well-planned programs combining learning with play, and its efficient and dedicated staff, has gained the reputation of being one of the best primary schools in the city, with several other branches recently opened due to the increasing demand in other areas of the city for a "Red Hill Education".