Beyond Academia

We aim to provide quality education for all our students and support for their families, providing a safe, happy, and stimulating environment where all children are valued and respected. Through our broad and balanced curriculum, children will have quality play experiences both indoors and outdoors.

Our extensive lawn and outdoor splash pool allow us to provide a range of activities, including yoga, gymnastics, Karate, lawn tennis, and swimming, as well as many others, all of which help children to learn control and co-ordination, develop physically, and understand a healthy lifestyle.

Red Hill School hosts a Sports Day in which all parents/families are invited to watch and encourage their children as they take part in games, competitions and displays of sporting excellence. In addition to this, for older children, Red Hill School hosts an Inter-School Tae-Kwando Competition where students from other schools are invited to take part in competitions.

Creativity and imagination are fundamental to successful learning; children join in with music, singing and dance, in addition to taking part in imaginative role-play, all of which come together in class plays and Red Hill School’s Annual Day function, in which the entire school participates and all parents/families are invited.

We believe that families should be actively involved in the education process and we promote this belief through hosting various events including Grandparents Day, a program developed at Red Hill School which is dedicated to the elders of the family.

We also run a Sports Camp during the summer once the school is closed for the holidays, in which children can continue to be active during their summer vacation, with Karate, badminton, as well as many other activities including a swimming camp for those who want to use the splash pool.

Opportunities are provided for children to explore their local environment through class trips, e.g. to the park, to the zoo, picnics, historical sites in Lucknow. We have on-site recreational horse-riding as well as rabbits to keep younger children occupied.

As part of our “Giving Back To The Earth” program, we have established Plantation Day (28 January) which involves the children going to the local zoo and planting trees, teaching them the importance of preserving our planet, and also giving back to the community.